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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Your Data is Corrupt or Didn’t Download Properly Error on PS5 and PC

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 has been running in the early access phase since October 20, 2022. This period provides access over a week ahead of launch as the full version of MW2 will release on October 28. However, many players have discovered several bugs, issues, and errors with the game.

Infinity Ward has recently released a new update v1.03, on October 25. But unfortunately, after installing this latest v1.03 update in CoD Modern Warfare 2, PS5 and PC users are running into an error message that reads – “Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly”. What’s more alarming is, the error message states that the ranks and unlocks must be reset to continue.

Many gamers have no idea the reason behind this error and how to fix it. Infinity Ward didn’t take the time to acknowledge this issue on its official Twitter handle. They have also provided a temporary solution until they address this issue in their upcoming update.

Fix Your Data is Corrupt Error in CoD Modern Warfare 2 After v1.03 on PS5

As you can see in the above official Tweet, they have suggested opening up the Quick Settings and then back out. This way, you can enter the correct menu without any errors. Here are the steps to follow:

1. While in MW2, hit the settings button to open up the settings bar on the right side of your screen

2. Go to any subcategory in the settings. It is recommended to access “Quick Settings.”

3. Lastly, hit on Cancel or Circle and exit from the settings

This is the best method to get into the game again, and also, all your data will intact. 

Since this is a widespread issue and many players are reporting this problem on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums, they will surely address and fix this issue as early as possible.

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Your Data is Corrupt or Didn’t Download Properly Error on PC

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Your Data is Corrupt or Didn't Download Properly Error on PC

Infinity Ward is yet to acknowledge the issue on PC, and maybe they will not, as the error does not stop you from continuing with the game or resetting the ranks and unlocks. We followed the error message prompts, starting with choosing Yes on the error message page, and have not lost any campaign progress. So it is highly unlikely that progress will be lost, especially when so many people have this error. As for the unlocked rewards, we will see if that has been affected tomorrow. But, as I said, the error is happening for everyone, and it’s not likely that Infinity Ward will **** the entire community.

That’s all we have on the issue where players receive an error that says – “Your data is corrupt” after the v1.03 update on the PS5 console.

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Update 27 Oct

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