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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Violence and Timing Can’t Board APC and Slow Truck Bug

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Violence and Timing Can’t Board APC and Slow Truck Bug

The campaign of CoD Modern Warfare 2 has finally been released. In this latest Call of Duty story mode, there are 17 challenging missions. But sadly, this new pre-order is sharing a variety of bugs and issues with the MW2’s early access campaign such as crashing, won’t start, not launching, and many others. 

That’s not enough; lately, many players are complaining that most of the missions are also bugged. In particular, the “Violence and Timing” mission in MW2 is plagued with bugs. Violence and Timing is one of the campaign story missions in MW2 but players are complaining that they can’t board price’s APC and slow truck issues while playing this particular mission. If you have any of these issues, here we show you how you can fix these issues.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Violence and Timing Can’t Board APC and Slow Truck Bug

Some MW2 gamers are expressing their concerns about certain issues in the Violence and Timing mission. They say, while playing this mission, Gaz boards the APC truck of the Price to offer cover fire by using a grenade launcher. But unfortunately, the players are unable to board the truck due to a bug and so they fail to complete the mission successfully.

Well, one of the best potential solutions to fix this issue is to restart your entire mission and check if the bug still persists. Besides, make sure your internet connection is fast and stable. Unfortunately, these are the only things you can try out.

The second bug in the “Violence and Timing” mission is related to the speed of the truck. The game’s controllers are R1 to accelerate and L1 for reverse driving. But many players say the truck goes very slow with these controllers ultimately causing them to lose the mission. Thankfully, some of the players have found the trick. They suggest switching R1 and R2 and the bug will get fixed.

When writing this post, we do not know exactly what would cause these bugs to show up. However, the above methods works as reported by users, so just give it a try, and it will help to complete the mission if you are lucky!

That’s everything you can do to fix Modern Warfare 2 Violence, Timing Mission Board APC, and slow truck bugs.

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  1. To fix the vehicle speed glitch, change your shooting and aiming to R1 and L1 is you are on ps4 and that changes your accelerate and decelerate and lets you go faster.

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