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Fix Modern Warfare 2 To Play This, You’ll Need to Buy it on Xbox Error 

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The highly-anticipated release of CoD Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer and co-op Special Ops mode is finally out starting today on PC (Via Steam and, Xbox, and PlayStation.

But sadly, one error message is preventing Xbox users from enjoying the latest Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer. The error message says – “To play this, you’ll need to buy it”. Xbox users are reporting that they have already purchased the game and they were playing the campaign in the last week but still this annoying error message is popping up. If the same thing happened to you, let’s understand here what is the matter and what you need to do in this situation.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer to Play This, You’ll Need to Buy it on Xbox Error

Xbox users are getting a pretty bad surprise with the error message “To play this, you’ll need to buy it” and they are not happy with the launch of MW2 Multiplayer as they are not able to play the game on their Xbox despite purchasing the game already. Here are the reasons why this particular error message is appearing.

When this error appears on your Xbox, don’t panic as you have not done anything wrong. The error is triggering because of some issues from Microsoft and will get resolved automatically after some time, however, a few things you need to make sure of on your end.

First of all, go to the Microsoft order history and check if your order was not canceled. Also, check your email inbox which you have entered while logging in for Xbox. In case your purchase of the game was canceled for any reason, you might receive the error message “To play this, you’ll need to buy it” on your Xbox console. In that case, we recommend submitting a ticket to the Xbox Support team, explaining the issue, and they will assist you further.

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  1. If youre on steam go to properties then local files and verify integrity of game files. After its done and youll have a small download then start it and it will restart by it self for update. Then it shall work when you get in after the restart:)

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