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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Players Freeze on Fetching Account Data from Platform Screen

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Players Freeze on Fetching Account Data from Platform Screen

CoD Modern Warfare 2 is finally out. Many players are already enjoying this fast-paced shooter game, and many other players are annoyed by several issues and bugs with the game. Lately, according to several reports, players are complaining that they are stuck on the screen that says – “Fetching account data from the platform”. And it does affect all gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. When this error message appears, players are unable to play the multiplayer game online. Fortunately, there are certain things you can try to resolve this bug.

Fixing Modern Warfare 2 Players Freeze on Fetching account data from the platform Screen

So, here we show you all potential workarounds to fix the error ‘Fetching account data from the platform” in MW2.

1. First of all, simply try to restart the game and check if the issue is resolved or not. However, you may need to repeat it multiple times. So keep trying and eventually you will fix the problem.

2. Next solution which is suggested by Infinity Ward itself is to enter the quick settings menu from your gaming platform by pressing the Xbox or PS button and then exit from it. 

It sounds simple but this process will refresh the game and you will be able to enter the correct menu.

3. If that doesn’t help too, try to restart your console once and check if that makes any difference. 

4. Infinity Ward has also warned players to stick to their own region while connecting the game to avoid any connectivity-related issues. In case you have changed your region, then it is recommended to return back to the default one and then try to log into the game again.

5. Clearing out your console’s cache is also one of the best solutions you can try to resolve the ‘Fetching account data from the platform” in MW2. To do so:

– Shut down your console and make sure it is not in sleep mode.

– Remove its power cable from the backside of your console.

– Wait for about 2 minutes.

– And then plug it back in and then restart the console and relaunch the game.

6. If the above solutions don’t help, try to report the issue on the official Call of Duty Twitter account. Their support team is very active and they will address your matter as early as possible.

Unfortunately, the developers have not acknowledged this issue so now we cannot say what is the root cause of this issue. Since many players are reporting the same issue, developers will address this issue soon. Meanwhile, try the above-mentioned potential workarounds to get rid of the “Fetching account data from platform” issue in Modern Warfare 2.

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