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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Beta Xbox Crashes When Login into Demonware

The second beta weekend is out and will run from Sept 24 to 26 on multiple gaming platforms and consoles. However, those PC and Xbox players who have pre-ordered the game have already started enjoying this latest massively popular title. Undeniably, MW2 features some modern gameplay elements. But that doesn’t mean the game is immune to bugs and issues. This game also has various problems that gamers have reported since its release, such as Modern Warfare 2 being stuck on checking for updates for PC and Xbox or the game crashes, not launching, and others.

Adding to these issues, many Xbox users are now reporting that they cannot load the game as they can’t log into Demonware. So, many players wonder if any method exists to resolve the issue. If you are facing the same issue, check out this guide, as we have given a potential solution to fix the Xbox crashing issue when login into Demonware.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Beta Xbox Crashes When Login into Demonware

Many Xbox users have pre-ordered the game to check the new content and explore the world before other players. But because of this issue, they cannot enjoy early access to MW2. 

If you have no idea about Demonware, it is a software development company linked to Activision. That is why you see a Demonware error message on the Modern Warfare 2 login screen. Worry not, and try the following workaround so that you can start enjoying this latest FPS title with your friends.

One of the gamers has shared a potential solution on Reddit. He suggested – when pressing the A button to start the game on Xbox to log into Demonware, open up another app that requires the internet, such as Browser or Twitch, and anything. Then, wait for some time while using another internet app, and the issue will be bypassed, and ultimately, you will be able to access the MW2 without crashing when logging into Demonware.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet said anything on this matter. But hopefully, they will release a statement officially and/or fix it as soon as possible, as many Xbox users report on this issue. Meanwhile, try out this workaround to bypass the problem.

So far, this is the only thing you can do to fix Modern Warfare 2 Xbox crashing issues when login into Demonware.

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    1. I just preordered the new mw2 and it keeps kicking me back to the xbox home screen and i uninstalled it twice and and i still wont work

    2. I had to uninstall and install the game.

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