Fix MLB the Show 21 RTTS Stats Not Counting Glitch

MLB the Show 21 has officially released today after a 4 days early access for players who ordered certain packs of the game. Ever since the game came out, there have been reports of various types of bugs with the RTSS. Historically, the MLB the Show has always had a few bugs, but is the RTSS bugged in the current title and can you get around it. Two of the bugs that are most reported is with the RTTS load-outs and the RTTS stats not counting. In this post, we will help you resolve the MLB the Show 21 RTTS stats not counting bug, so you can get the rewards.

How to Fix MLB the Show 21 RTTS Stats Not Counting Glitch

It’s important that you fix the RTSS Stats not counting bug for the silver, gold and diamond loadout and to take the player attribute higher. Here is a solution suggested by Reddit user u/MikeyR21 and shared by user u/Mpt111.

“It’s tied to having multiple loadout, so if you delete any other ones and keep just one loadout, you’ll have those stats such as XBH for the Slugger program count. Especially since switching loadout seems bugged anyway, you’ll just have to manually change your loadout and equipment if you pitch as well.”

The solution is a pain, but at least it gets the stats counting and you can continue the game. Here is what Reddit user MaverickSY19 suggests,

“I made a second RTTS league to just play pitcher and will probably stick there until some bug fixes. Your progress from other league doesn’t reset so might be a good way to progress your pitching or batting by making one of each until the fix the 2 way stuff.”

Hope there would be a release day patch for the game that fixes some of the issues. Currently, there are several other bugs with the game besides the RTTS stats not counting.

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