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Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios. This game has gained incredibly massive fans over the years. However, gamers may experience bugs and errors frequently. Many players are running into an ‘Invalid Session’ error. The exact error message reads – “Failed to connect to the server – Failed to log in: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher). This is one of the common errors that players have been encountering now and then. Thankfully, this error is fixable and this guide will show you how. Let’s learn how to fix the Minecraft invalid session error.

How to Fix Minecraft Invalid Session Error

Like many other players, if you are also receiving an ‘Invalid session’ error in Minecraft, there could be multiple reasons and so this guide has covered various methods to get it fixed.

1. Restarting your Game and PC

If you are playing Minecraft on your PC, then it is mostly caused by a bug and so a simple restarting of your game as well as your PC can resolve this error.

2. Logging Out from the Device

The next solution we recommend is to simply log out from the device, wait for about a minute, and then try logging into the game. This method will also help to fix the ‘Invalid Session’ error.

3. Delete Mods

Some corrupted mods installed in the game can also cause this error and prevent the game from connecting to the server. Therefore, we recommend try deleting mods and then check if that worked.

4. Reset Your Password

Some players have managed to resolve this error by resetting their passwords. Sometimes, this error triggers if some other player is using your password to log in. If that is the case, try resetting your password with the new one and this error should be fixed.

5. Reinstall Game

If none of the above solutions work, your last resort is to uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it. Reinstallation of the game can make sure to fix any corrupted game files.

That’s it for this guide. We have covered all potential solutions to fix Minecraft ‘Invalid session’ error.

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