Fix Minecraft Dungeons Crashing on Xbox, PS4, and PC

Fix Minecraft Dungeons Crashing on Xbox, PS4, and PC

A lot of Minecraft Dungeons players on Xbox are reporting the game crashing. Games crashing on Xbox is not rare, especially when the nature of the game is multiplayer and online. You would imagine that PC and PS4 users would be experiencing the game smoothly, but that’s not the case. Quite a number of players on all platforms have reported the same problem. This has been a trend with games released in recent times from Doom Eternal, Bleeding Edge, Resident Evil 3 Remake, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, and numerous other titles. It seems the recent victim of the same bug is Minecraft Dungeons. If you have been facing Minecraft Dungeons Crash on Xbox, PC, or PS4, this post can help you fix the problem, so read on.

What Causes Minecraft Dungeons Crash on Xbox, PS4, and PC

For most players who reported the error, there was no noticeable pattern. Some players crashed at a certain level like the Soggy Swamp, while others crash every 5 minutes or every few hours. Quite a number of players are experiencing the issue after playing the game for a long time. However, amidst all this, certain situations can be identified as the cause of the problem like logging-back in when the game has been on standby or joining a local co-op using a guest account.

We still do not know why the above circumstance or the general crash problem is occurring with the game. Microsoft and Mojang have not acknowledging the problem with the game; however, they did provide a workaround if users face such a problem while playing Minecraft Dungeons.

Let’s have a look at all the possible fix for Minecraft Dungeons Crash on Xbox, PC, and PS4.    

Fix 1: Restart the PC and Console

The first fix suggested by the developers does not seem like much, but the age old restart does resolve the crash problem. And players on forums like Reddit confirm that most of the time, restart of the console and PC fixes the problem. Close the game and restart your system normally and try playing the game. Check if the error arises, if it does, try the second fix.   

Fix 2: Sign-out and Back-in

If the first fix did not resolve the error, try re-logging into the game. Although it’s not a permanent fix, it has worked for some users and if it does not work for you that’s fine, you are not alone. To perform the step, simply log-out and log-in again, try playing the game.   

Fix 3: Update the Console and PC

Are you still unable to play the game, then make sure that all the drivers and the OS on your system is up-to-date. Console users too, check that your device is up-to-date with the latest software. Most games are optimized for the latest software and having an outdated system software often causes a range of problems, one of them can be the crash to desktop or crash on Xbox and PS4.

If your PC or Console is heating up or making abnormal sounds, it’s ideal to tune down the settings as its going under stress and can also cause the crash. Once you do all this, try playing the game and check if Minecraft Dungeons Crash on Xbox, PS4, or PC still occurs.

Fix 4: Try Playing Offline

This is just a temporary fix and works hundred percent in most cases. There seems to be a problem with the online game, but players on all platform have confirmed they can play the game smoothly in offline mode. We know that nothing beats playing the game with friends, but until something concrete appears that resolves the error, playing offline is the your best bet to get your money’s worth.

Although the above fixes have resolved the crash problem in Minecraft Dungeons for a lot of players, there are others for whom the fixes were ineffective. For them, I suggest playing offline for now until we have more on the problem or the developers release a patch or some permanent fix.     

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