Fix Microsoft Video Editor Not Exporting on Windows 10 & 11

Fix Microsoft Video Editor Not Exporting on Windows 10 & 11

Microsoft Video Editor is one of the widely used video creation and editing tools. It allows users to include text, music, motion, and 3D effects in the videos. It features a basic video editing program included in Windows 10 and 11. However, many users are currently reporting that Microsoft Video Editor is not exporting on Win 10 and 11. And because of this issue, users are unable to use this tool flawlessly. If you are facing the same problem, this guide is just right for you. Check out this guide and learn how you can fix it with some simple and quick workarounds.

Fixing Microsoft Video Editor Not Exporting on Windows 10 & 11

According to several reports, users are not able to export their videos or the process is pretty slow. Thankfully, we have covered all potential solutions to fix this issue.

Before you start the following troubleshooting steps, make sure to restart your PC once and then check if that starts working. If not, make sure your Windows is updated to the latest version. Even after making sure both of these points are, if the issue persists, check out these methods to fix the issue.

1. Uncheck Use Hardware-Accelerated Encoding

– When you click on ‘Finish your video’ on Video Editor, before you click on ‘Export’, click on ‘More options’

– Uncheck ‘Use hardware-accelerated encoding’

– And then click on ‘Export’

If that doesn’t work, try the next method.

2. Close Google Drive or Onedrive While Exporting

Closing down Google Drive or One drive while exporting is also one of the best methods and works for many users so it might work for you. Make a right-click on Google drive or One drive, click on settings, and then click on ‘Quit’. Once done, try exporting in MS Video Editor.

3. Convert Video Files to MP4 Files

If your exporting file format has any issues, then the app might not work properly. So, try converting video files to Mp4 files and that should fix the problem.

4. Repair or Reset the Photos App

If the app is affected by any corrupted bugs, then it prevents the MS video editor app from functioning correctly. If that is the case, simply repairing or resetting the photo app is the best method to fix the issue. To do so:

– Open up the Settings app by pressing Win + I keys on your keyboard

– Go to the ‘Apps’ section and open it. Then, click on the ‘Apps & features’ tab on the right sidebar

– Next, scroll down and click on the three dots beside ‘Microsoft Photos’ app

– Lastly, click on ‘Advanced options’ and click on the ‘Repair’ or ‘Reset’ button and you are good to go

5. Reinstall the Photos App

The last resort is to reinstall the photos app. For this:

– Go to the Run dialogue box by pressing Win + R keys, type ‘PowerShell’, and press ‘Enter’

– Copy and paste the following command – Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | Remove-AppxPackage and then press ‘Enter’

– Restart your computer and open up ‘Microsoft Store’

– Search for ‘Microsoft Photos’, click on ‘Install’ and then click on ‘Get’

– Once done the issue should be resolved

That’s all in this guide. Try these workarounds and one of them should fix Microsoft Video Editor not exporting on Windows 10 & 11 issue.

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