Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been a massive hit even with all its performance bugs and other errors. The game sets new standards for simulation games, you can virtually travel to any destination on the planet Earth. But, a lot of players have been unable to join the experience due to a download bug that prevents players from downloading the game. The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499 appears as “DEBUG: $$: Something went wrong with the download, see 499.”

The download seems to proceed until a certain point and then, abruptly results in the error. It’s frustrating as you hear your friends enjoying the game. So, what can you do to fix the error? Stick around and we will help you resolve the error.

Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499 has existed since the launch day and for some reason, the developers have not acknowledged it yet. So, we assume a fix isn’t coming anytime soon, especially if you still have the error after the recent patch. Here are the fixes you can try.

Fix 1: Restart the Game

This may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of people on Reddit have confirmed that the error was resolved once they restarted the game. It’s best that you close the game, Steam client, and perform a reboot. Launch the game and if you are among the lucky ones, this simple step will get the download working and you will be able to download the game. If the error still occurs, follow the other tips.

Fix 2: Check the Servers

If your game is failing to download even when you have an active internet connection, one possible reason could be that the servers in your region are down for maintenance. As such, you must check the status of the serves and the official Twitter handle of the developers is the best place to start. You can also check on third-party websites like Downdetector that will provide updates on the servers in your region.

If you find that there is in fact an issue with the servers, there is little you can do other than waiting for the servers to come back online. Wait for a few hours or try to download the game the next day and it will work.

Fix 3: Change the ISP

Sometimes a particular ISP could be having trouble connecting to a particular server, it happens in a lot of games. In such a case, give the ISP a call and share your problem. You can also fix the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499 by changing the ISP if that’s an option for you. Otherwise, try to download the game using the mobile network, if the data cap permits you. You could just try switching it to mobile and see if the download starts. If it does, you know the cause of the reason for the download error and can work to address it.

Fix 4: Follow Some Do’s Before Downloading

If the error still occurs, even after performing the above fixes we have some do’s you should ensure before you start the game again and continue with the download.

The first thing, ensure that the internet connection is stable and persistent, preferably a LAN connection. Next, ensure that Steam is updated. Disable the firewall before starting the download. Try to install the game in a different location (we do this in case a particular drive has bad sectors).

Some other things you should ensure:

  1. If possible, use an SSD to install the game.
  2. Reset the network hardware.
  3. Close all non-Microsoft services and startup tasks via msconfig utility.
  4. Log out of Steam and sign-back in.
  5. From the game settings, change the server location for the download.
  6. Ensure that game and Steam are completely closed, restart the system, and continue the download.

We hope that the above fixes have resolved the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Download Error 499 and you can enjoy the awesome game. If you have a better solution to the problem, you can share them in comments so it helps others.     

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