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Fix Melty Blood: Type Lumina Controller Not Working

Fix Melty Blood Type Lumina Crashing, Freezing, Game Not Starting, and FPS Drop

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is the latest fighting game which is released recently on 30th September for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. However, recently, many players are experiencing that their controllers are not working and they have no idea why does it happen? A gaming controller makes for the essential immersive gaming experience and so when your controller is not working while playing games, the frustrations are obvious. Luckily, there are several workarounds which we are going to present you here in the following.

How to Fix Melty Blood: Type Lumina Controller Not Working

If your console controller does not work on your PC, you cannot play games properly and several reasons are causing this issue. But, don’t worry, you can check out the following solutions to fix Melty Blood: Type Lumina controller not working issue.

If your controller is connected but not working properly, one of the major issues is related to its corrupted or broken computer drivers, so first of all make sure that the drivers are updated. In case, you have already updated them, and still, you’re having the same issue, then try the following fixes.

1. Enable Steam Input

Go to Steam and open up Library, scroll down on the left side of the screen, and then right-click on ‘Melty Blood: Type Lumina”. Go to ‘Properties”. Go to the Controller section. Use the drop-down option on ‘Use default settings’ and there you will see 3 options and select ‘Enable Steam Input’.

Once done, try to play the game again. In case, you’re still getting the same issue, then follow the same steps and this time select ‘Disable Steam Input’ as disabling Steam Input has worked for a few users.

2. Configure the controller

Go to the main page of Steam. Click on Steam on the extreme upper left corner and then click on Settings >> Controller >> General Controller Settings and check the box according to the following information.

For Legacy Stick: Make sure to check PlayStation and Xbox boxes and then try to play the game again. In case, if you have the same issue, then follow the same steps and also select ‘Generic Pad’ too.

For Switch Pro Controller: Check Switch Pro and attempt to play games and if the still issue persists, then check generic pad also.

3. Forced On or Forced Off in Controller Application Options:

If both of the above-mentioned solutions do not work, then the last resort is to set Forced On or Forced Off in Controller Application Options. For this:

Launch Steam in Big Picture mode > Go to Library > Select the game “Melty Blood: Type Lumina” >> Manage Game >> Controller Options >> Select “Forced Off” and then click on Ok and then check whether or not the controller is working. If that still doesn’t work, then follow the same steps and select this time – “Forced On” and click on “Ok”. The issue should be resolved.

That’s all – One of these solutions will fix Melty Blood: Type Lumina Controller Not Working issue.

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