Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako Bug

Undoubtedly, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the fantastic return to a sci-fi storytelling masterclass gaming franchise. This new edition famously improves upon the Mako handling from Mass Effect 1. It has improved handling so it feels “weightier”, faster shield recharge, new thrusters for a speed boost, and improved camera controls. However, recently players are experiencing some technical glitch in Mako that doesn’t work properly. If you’re facing the same issue, the following guide will be helpful.

How to Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako Bug

Here we give you an easy and quick solution to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako Bug.

To fix this problem, you simply exit and then re-enter the vehicle. Thus, it will help to bring back the M35 Mako aiming reticle and you can enjoy again vehicular combat.

It is important to know that, this glitch is in the new improved Mako handled only. If you prefer, you can turn these improvements off and enjoy the game like before. 

According to project director Mac Walters and environment director Kevin Meek – “For those people out there who do like pain, we’ve left the option to leave it back kind of closer to the original controls as well if you want,” said Meek.

New improved handling features many new skin tones, hairstyles, and many other great changes but due to this Mako bug, players are not able to enjoy it to the fullest.

But do not worry, as we have just mentioned, you need to exit and re-enter the vehicle and if it doesn’t work, still you have the option to play with its original Mako configuration.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako Bug. Also learn, How to Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lag, FPS Drops, and Stuttering issues?

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