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Fix Marvel’s Avengers Stuck On Loading Screen

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Game Is Stuck On Loading Screen

Marvel’s Avengers is clearly the fan favourite leading gaming charts throughout the world. And the best part, we can experience for years to come. There are several DLCs we can expect with new heroes and the environment. Even with a nearly smooth launch, there are some bugs with the game that needs fixing such as the disappearing skins, slow load, and other bugs. Another recurring issue with the game is the Marvel’s Avengers stuck on loading screen. This problem is preventing players from joining the multiplayer.

Fortunately, the developers at Crystal Dynamics are aware of the issue and have acknowledged it on the Reddit’s Marvel’s Avengers workaround mega-thread. They are working hard on resolving all known issues with the game and until a patch or update is available to resolve the error, the developers have provided some workaround. Stick around and we will share what you can do to fix the Marvel’s Avengers game stuck on loading screen.

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Stuck On Loading Screen

The Marvel’s Avengers stuck on loading screen is a widespread problem and since the developers are aware of the issue, we can expect a permanent fix soon, but until then there are some workaround through the issue.

When trying to load the campaign, don’t do it through the normal means, instead load it from the War Table. You can find the table in Initiative. A lot of player on Reddit have confirmed that launching the game through the War Table has allowed them multiple sessions on the game. However, this is not a universal fix and may not work for all players. Regardless, it’s worth a try.

If the above fix fails or you don’t want spoilers, you can chose to play the game by asking a friend to send a strike team invite even when you have not launched the game. After you have successfully launched the game, you can exit the strike team and continue the game as normal.

If your issue is still not resolved, the only option remaining is to raise a ticker with the Crystal Dynamics Support. If you are patient and can wait a few days, the developers would soon release a fix to address the issue.     

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