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Fix Marvel’s Avengers Purchased Credits Not Appearing

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Purchased Credits Not Appearing

Like most of the recent multiplayer games, micro-currencies are also a part of marvel’s Avengers that help you make in-game purchases, but after spending real world money, you would expect to see the equivalent amount added to your account in Avengers, but players are reporting of a glitch that preventing the purchased credits from appearing. The Avengers purchase credit bug can be annoying and disheartening and you might be wondering if the money is gone for good. Stick around and we will share how to fic the Marvel’s Avengers purchased credits not appearing bug.

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Purchased Credits Not Appearing

The Marvel’s Avengers purchased credits not appearing glitch is just a temporary bug and not really an issue as most of the time you can fix the issue by simply rebooting the game. If you have just made the purchase and the currency does not appear, don’t worry, it could simply be a case of delay in currency servers communicating with the game. Give it some time, usually a few minutes and you should see the premium currency appear in your account.

If you have waited for a while and you think there is defiantly something wrong, you should contact Customer Support. This is a serious issue and the team behind the game gives it due importance. They will get back to you with a solution. The developers will pull your account and verify the error and manually perform the required action, which should be fairly quick once your case comes to them. So, rest assured you won’t have to part with the premium currency you bought in the game.

Here is a snapshot of what you need to do when the Marvel’s Avengers Purchased Credits is not appearing in the account. First, restart the game and if the credit still does not appear, contact support.      

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