Fix Marvel’s Avengers Missing Outfits | Skins Disappearing Permanently

If you know that you have unlocked an outfit and it goes missing from the Inventory along with some gear, the situation can be frustrating to say the least. But, as it appears the problem is widespread with a large number of players reporting it on the Marvel’s Avengers subreddit. The bug appears to affect players on all platforms. If you have encountered the problem we have some solutions that works to get back the Deluxe Edition Obsidian skins. Stick around the post and we will fix the Marvel’s Avengers Missing Outfits or Skins problem.  

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Missing Outfits or Skins

Marvel’s Avengers Missing Outfits problem is so widespread that we can soon expect an official patch from the developers. As per Reddit, it’s not a specific skin or outfit that goes missing. Different players are experience different missing skins and sometimes gear along with it. Fortunately though, a lot of players have experimented with the fix and there are certain things you can do to brings back the skin.

Fix 1: Restart the Game: Whether you are on console or on PC, the old and mysterious restart works to resolve the Marvel’s Avengers skins disappearing permanently bug for a significant number of users, but the fix is not universal and may work for some. So, close the game completely and relaunch. Check the inventory and verify of the skins have returned.

Fix 2: Continue and Complete a Mission: Just select any of the missions and play as if the bug never appeared and upon completion of the mission check the inventory. This is another solution that has worked for a lot of people.

Fix 3: Don’t Do: Some players are reporting and we noticed it too that one or more skin went missing after previewing. Hence, until the developers work to resolve the bug, avoid the skin preview function of the game. It somehow triggers the bug.

Fix 4: Update the Game: With the official release of the game, there is big patch that you must download. If you have not download it yet, ensure you do it before you jump into missions.

Fix 5: Reliable Internet: Although a no brainer, you should ensure that your internet connection is stable and working before you jump to play Marvel’s Avengers.

If none of the above fixes have worked for you, unfortunately, you will have to wait a while until Square Enix fixes the issue. The good news is the developers are aware of the issue and have acknowledged it in a Tweet. So, it won’t be a long wait before a patch arrives to resolve the Marvel’s Avengers missing outfits or skins disappearing permanently bug. Before you leave, check out Marvel’s Avengers category for more helpful guides and tips to master the game.


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