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Fix Marvel’s Avengers Matchmaking Stuck at ‘Searching for hero’ | Not Finding Players

Fix Marvel’s Avengers Matchmaking Stuck at ‘Searching for hero’ Not Finding Players

Marvel’s Avengers matchmaking system failing to find hero for you to team up with is a serious problem. While there is AI that you can play with, it does not match the fun and the capabilities of a human. The game officially released today, but was available in early access since the past few days. And ever since the release players have been complaining of the Marvel’s Avengers matchmaking stuck at ‘Searching for hero.’ If you are not fining players to participate, unfortunately the only option available will be AI, but it’s difficult to win with AI. However, it does not have to be like that, we have some fix that can resolve the bug and get you back in the game with your human team.  

Marvel’s Avengers | How to Fix Not Finding Players or Matchmaking Stuck at ‘Searching for hero’

When you load up the Marvel’s Avengers matchmaking and it’s taking too long stuck at the ‘Searching for hero,’ you are probably in need of a fix. Here are some of the solutions you can try to resolve the error.

It’s likely that the mission you have selected is not that popular. Hence, not a lot of players are participating in it leading to the Marvel’s Avengers Matchmaking Stuck at ‘Searching for hero.’ Try playing another mission that’s more popular and you should be able to find the players.

The game also matches players based on the level of difficulty, so if you are playing on a difficulty level that’s not popular the matchmaking may not find players. Suppose, you are playing on the Challenge III difficulty, try towering it. There are a large number of players playing the game at a low difficulty.

Another aspect of matchmaking in Marvel’s Avengers is the NAT type of your system. It’s recommended that you set the NAT type to moderate. If it’s set at Open, only a limited amount of players will be able to participate with you. Here is a post to derive some idea about changing the NAT type.

If the above solutions have failed to resolve the matchmaking problem with Marvel’s Avengers, try restarting the game. It may reset your connection and you may be able to find your heroes.

You should also note that since the beta and the early access has lesser players compared to today when the game will be released, the occurrence was more widespread. Now that the game has released, there will be a large number of players and you should not encounter the Marvel’s Avengers Matchmaking Stuck at ‘Searching for hero.’ That’s all we have in this guide, browse the section for more troubleshooting guides and walkthroughs in Marvel’s Avengers.   

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