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Fix Marvel’s Avengers ‘Interrogation Anxiety’ Mission Bug

Fix Marvel’s Avengers ‘Interrogation Anxiety’ Bug

Interrogation Anxiety is a mission in Marvel’s Avengers that players would encounter sooner or later when following the main story. However, this mission is bugged and you won’t be able to progress due to the glitch. As you cannot interact with a key character which is tied to the game’s progress, you will be stuck at that point. However, there is workaround until a patch is released that addresses the Marvel’s Avengers ‘Interrogation Anxiety’ glitch. Stick around and we will help you get around the bug and progress forward with the main story.

Fix Marvel’s Avengers ‘Interrogation Anxiety’ Mission Bug

The good news is that the developers are aware of the Marvel’s Avengers ‘Interrogation Anxiety’ Mission Bug and others in the game such as slow load, matchmaking errors, mission disappearing, and more. They are actively investigating the issue and you can soon expect a patch that addresses all these issues. Meanwhile, a simple restart of the game should resolve your error. Quit out of the game completely and relaunch. The glitch should not appear.

At a point during the Interrogation Anxiety mission, you need to talk to Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but players discover that the functionality is not available. For players who are playing as Black Widow, the glitch does not occur, but if you have chosen any other character the dialogue never triggers.

The best way to resolve the issue is to change the character and choose Natasha Romanoff. For this, you will have to quit the game and reload with Natasha as the character. While this fix has resolved the glitch for a lot of users, it’s not a universal solution and some players may not find it effective. But given the simplicity of the solution, it’s worth the effort to try the solution. If the fix does not work, do not worry take some time off from the game and wait for Crystal Dynamics to release a patch to address the issue.        

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