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Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Invalid App Configuration and Incomplete Download Stuck at 715 MB

Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Invalid App Configuration

Coming back to the game after nearly two decades would definitely bring back a lot of old memories and for those attempting to jump for the first time, there is definitely a unique experience waiting on the other end. However, a lot of players have been complaining of a problem with the game where the download gets stuck at 715 MB download or a certain percentage of the game is only downloaded. In frustration, you might exit the download and try to launch the game, which results in the Mafia Definitive Edition ‘Invalid App Configuration’ error. If you are facing a similar problem with the game, there is a simple solution, scroll down for more.

Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Invalid App Configuration and Incomplete Download Stuck at 715 MB

When you encounter the Mafia Definitive Edition Invalid App Configuration and incomplete download stuck at 715 MB, you must first restart the system and attempt to download the game.

If the error persists, launch the Steam client > Library > Locate Mafia Definitive Edition > Right-click and select Properties > Go to Local Files and click on Verify the Integrity of Game Files.

This simple step will force the game to check if there is missing game files, when it detects an incomplete game, it will attempt to download the complete package of the game and should resolve the error.

If you are still facing difficulty, restart the system and perform the repair once again. A lot of users have been able to resolve the download issue with the game with the above solution as reported by them on various forums.

Another cause of the error could be a strain on the servers as the game’s released today and a lot of people are trying to download the game. If that’s the case, try using a VPN and download the game from another region or change the region from the Steam client. We suggest you use ExpressVPN.

If the error persists, you may have to wait a few days before the strain on the servers subside and you may be able to download Mafia Definitive Edition without any issue.        

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