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Fix Madden 22 Stuck on Physique Selection Screen Bug

Madden 22 Stuck on Physique Selection Screen Bug

Madden 22 fans just can’t catch a break, it’s one bug after the other. We have a post that lists over 100 bugs currently present in the game from minor to game-breaking.  And the recent update to the game has brought about the Madden 22 stuck on physique selection screen bug. You may encounter this bug after Title Update 2 for the game.

EA Help on Twitter has acknowledged the issue and claimed that they are aware of the issue and working on it. Usually, this would be sufficient to assure the fans, but with the current ongoing issues with the game and the lack of patches to address it, expecting a solution soon is a farfetched imagination at best, but we hope EA can prove us wrong.

However, not all is lost, there are still some solutions that have worked for users. When you find yourself stuck on the Physique Selection Screen, the first thing you should do is reboot the console or the PC depending on your platform.

Another solution that seems to work to fix the bug is to disconnect the internet from the client device and launch the game. When the Main Menu opens bring the internet back and the bug should not trigger. You should be able to progress normally.

At the time of writing the above solution seems to be a sure fix for the bug, but there are no guarantees. Some players may still encounter the bug after the above process.

That’s all we have in this guide. With some luck, we hope you are able to put the bug behind you and continue with the game.     

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