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Fix Madden 22 Can’t Download Community Files

Fix Madden 22 Can't Download Community Files

If you are a big fan of Madden series, you will likely want to take full advantage of all the offers from the game. One of the great features of Madden 22 is that you can download community files such as sliders and playbooks. However, most of the players download roasters and draft classes. But unfortunately, players are not able to use this feature due to a problem. You’re not alone in this issue, as recently many players are reporting on the same problem. Let’s quickly learn here what you can do to fix Madden 22 Community Files Error.

How to Fix Madden 22 Can’t Download Community Files

This same problem has been interrupting since its earlier version Madden 20 and so, it seems that the devs have not worked on it to resolve the issue. When the players attempt to download the community files, they receive an error that says: “The file cannot be downloaded because it has been removed by its creator”. Are you getting the same error and so can’t download community files? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Following are some of the best solutions found by players which you can also try to fix this issue.

1. Clear up the game saved data both cloud as well as local on your consoles and then attempt to relaunch the game, the issue should be resolved.

2. If the game is saved on your external hard drive, then try to reinstall it again on the internal hard drive. Make sure to delete all the files on both internal and external hard drives before reinstalling the game on the internal hard drive. Also, make sure to delete all the files which you have downloaded previously.

3. Another possible solution is to check when the roster is created. If it is outdated or too old, the game may have eliminated it and that might be the root cause, you are not able to download it. So, first, try to clear your cache and then look for a new roster.

Try all of these solutions one by one and any of them should work. If you are still having the same issues, then you should contact EA Supports directly.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Madden 22 Can’t Download Community Files.

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