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Fix Mac 500 Internal Server Error

Fix Mac 500 Internal Server Error

If you’re a frequent internet user, you must have encountered with 500 Internal Server Error. This error is an HTTP status code that says the website which you are trying to visit has some unspecified issues that prevent you from viewing the page. However, this error occurs due to multiple reasons with the website server. One of the first reasons is that the website is full and cannot handle more data (which means, many users are trying to access the same website at a time). 

Some other reasons might be:

– Broken or corrupted .htaccess file

– A permission related issue

– The PHP memory limit is exceeded

– Broken third-party themes or plugins

In order to fix Mac 500 Internal Server error, we are going to discuss some of the easiest and simplest solutions here.

How to Fix Mac 500 Internal Server Error

Following are some of the best and easy methods to fix Mac 500 Internal Server errors.

1. Refresh your internet browser

One of the easiest solutions is to refresh your application windows or internet browser on your Mac. To do this: simply press CMD + R on your Mac. You can also press the refresh button from your browser. This way, you can solve this problem if this issue is temporary.

2. Clear cache and reboot again

Another workaround is to clear your system’s cache memory as well as browser history and reboot the system again. Also, make sure to delete all the cookies before you reboot it. 

3. Visit again after sometimes

Since this error seems on the server-side, the best way is to visit this website again after some time and see whether or not, you are still getting the same error.

That’s everything you need to know how to Fix Mac 500 Internal Server Error.

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