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Fix League of Legends Maestro Error

How to Fix League of Legends Maestro Error

The League of Legends Maestro error is one of the oldest error with LOL dating back to 2011. This error is caused due to the Firewall or the third-party antivirus blocking some elements of the game and lack of privileges to the game. Some users were also able to resolve the error after updating their Windows. Hence, the error can also arise due to an outdated OS.

Since this is such an old error code, the fix for the Maestro error has proven to work for thousands of users and it will for you as well. This error usually occurs randomly while playing the game. The error message appears like this.

“There was an error connecting with Maestro. League of Legends will now exit. Please try restarting the client.”

Before you proceed with the fixes we suggest you restart the system as indicated in the error message. It has worked for a large number of users. If this does not work and the Maestro error League of Legends still appears to proceed with the first fix.

Fix 1: Update the Windows Operating System

Updating the OS allows the system to install new patches that can address the problem with the old OS. This can help you fix a large number of game errors. To update the windows follow the below instructions.

  1. Press Windows Key + I
  2. Go to Update & Security
  3. Click on Check for updates
  4. If your system is not up-to-date the latest updates will appear and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest updates.

Now, try opening the client and playing the game, check if the League of Legends Maestro error still appears. If it does try the other fixes.

Fix 2: Provide LOL Admin Privileges

If there is a problem with the game due to permissions or compatibility, running the program as an administrator is a great way to fix the problem. You can do it through the desktop shortcut or by visiting the installed folder in the C drive and via the .exe file. We will show you how to do it from the installed folder in C drive. Follow the steps to provide the game admin permission.

  1. Go to the path This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Riot Games > League of Legends > LeagueClient
  • Right-click on the LeagueClient and click on Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab and click on Run compatibility troubleshooter.
Run compatibility troubleshooter
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to fix any problems.
  • Next check Run this program as an administrator, click Apply and OK.
Run this program as an administrator

Now your League of Legends can start as an admin. Open the game and check if the Maestro error still appears.

Fix 3: Restore Windows Defender Firewall to Default

Some changes in the Windows Defender could be preventing the game from establishing an effective connection with the game. Setting the Defender Firewall to default has also fixed the problem for some users. Here are the steps to perform the fix.

  1. Press Windows Key + I and select Update & Security.
  2. Click on Windows Security > Firewall & network protection.
  3. Click on Restore firewalls to default
  4. Click on Restore defaults
  5. Select yes and check the game for the Maestro error.

Fix 4: Set Exclusion on Windows Virus & Threat Protection

The Windows Virus & threat protection might suspect the LOL launcher as malware or malicious program preventing it from starting normally. By setting an exclusion you can resolve the League of Legends Maestro error. Here are the steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + I and select Update & Security.
  2. Click on Windows Security > Virus & threat protection.
  3. Under Virus & threat protection settings, click on Manage settings
  4. Scroll down to locate Exclusions
  5. Click on Add or remove exclusions
  6. Click on Add an exclusion and select Folder
set an exclusion to eliminate Maestro error in LOL
  • Navigate to C > Riot Games and click Select Folder.
  • If prompted provide the permission.

Check if the maestro error League of Legends still appears.

Fix 5: Set Exception on Third-party Antivirus

If you are using a third-party antivirus, you need to set an exception on the antivirus for League of Legends. Here are the steps for various antivirus programs.

Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Home >> Settings >> Additional >> Threats and Exclusions >> Exclusions >> Specify Trusted Applications >> Add.


  • Home >> Settings >> Components >> Web Shield >> Exceptions >> Set the exception.

Avast Antivirus

  • Home >> Settings >> General >> Exclusions >> Set the exclusion.

If the above fixes have not solved the League of Legends Maestro error, you may want to turn off the UAC settings to resolve the error.

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