Fix Lag and FPS Drops in Command and Conquer Remastered

Fix Lags in Command and Conquer Remastered

Command and Conquer is one of those games that any seasoned gamers would recall from the 90s. Recently, Command and Conquer Remastered released. However, since the launch day players have been encountering lag and FPS drop in the game. Lags is common with games. In fact, most games have this problem where the frame rate drops slowing the character. Both issues can occur mid-game or during startup. If it occurs at startup, the game can completely crash at desktop. Hence, to resolve the error and get you back in the game we have drafted this guide that helps you address lag and FPS drop in Command and Conquer Remastered.

Fix 1: Run Game in Windowed Mode or Change Resolution

One of the first fix you should attempt to resolve the error is shifting from full-screen to Windowed mode. However, it may not necessarily resolve the error. Playing the game in Windowed mode has helped some users while others  faced more crash. So, try it and if it does not work revert back.   

If you are playing the game on the highest resolution, try lowering it to resolve the FPS drop and lag with Command and Conquer Remastered. Try a bunch of options to see if it fixes the issue. 

Fix 2: Disable V-Sync

Disabling V-Sync can make the game more stable and prevent the FPS drop and lag from occurring. You can do this from the options settings. While, you are at it try tuning other settings to see if it allows you to play the game.

Fix 3: Disable Advanced Optimization in Nvidia Control Panel

As this is an old game, some of the new optimization features could be hampering the performance of the game. Open the Nvidia Control Panel and disable 3D settings. Turn everything off or tune down the settings. Go ahead and turn off Vertical Sync here as well.

Fix 4: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If none of the above fixes have resolved the error, try repairing the game itself using the Steam function to verify game files. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Launch the Steam client
  2. From the LIBRARY, right-click on Command and Conquer Remastered and select Properties

Fix 5: Reinstall the Game

If you still encounter Lag and FPS Drops in Command and Conquer Remastered, you final option is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Go to program and features and uninstall the game. Download and install it.

Hopefully, one of the above steps would resolve your error.  

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