Fix Konosuba: Fantastic Days Error 80001 – Login Timed Out

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Konosuba Fantastic Days are one of the enormous Anime RPG games which have a lot of laughers, fantasy, and explosions. This game was released last in Japan and players used to play it using VPN. But now, the game is released officially worldwide on August 19 2021 and so players can now enjoy it without using a VPN. Although Konosuba is already a hit game, devs still have to do a lot of exercises as many players are getting several glitches, errors, and bugs. One of the most recent bugs is Error Code 80001 and so players are not able to play the game. Let’s find out what is the fix Konosuba Fantastic Days Login Timed Out Error 80001.

How to Fix Konosuba: Fantastic Days Error 80001 – Login Timed Out

This game is very well-admired and it got millions of pre-registrations even before its release. And so, it is obvious that their servers have been overloaded. So, whenever you get this issue at the time of login to the game, know that the issue is on the server-side and so players can’t do anything to fix it. 

However, several players have shared some workarounds and shared some solutions.

Switch your internet connection

If you are using Wi-Fi to play this game, try to switch your internet connection and connect it through mobile data and vice versa. Then restart the device and try to log into the game. You will be able to play Konosuba Fantastic Days without any issues.

Play Japan version using a VPN service

It seems that the error occurs only in the global version. So, many players also suggested that to play it with a Japan version by using a VPN service and the game runs flawlessly without any issues.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Some players have also suggested to uninstall the game and then again reinstall it. But, since this issue occurs due to a time-out error, this method may not work but still, you can give it a try.

Even after trying these workarounds, if you will still get the same error code, then you need to wait until devs increase the capacity of their servers. The most likely cause of this error is a strain on the server as there are not enough slots to assign to new players. Also, check the status of the server as they may be down and that could be causing the Konosuba: Fantastic Days login time out error.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Konosuba Fantastic Days Error 80001.

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