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Fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ Message

Fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ Message

Knockout City game has a unique “in-game code redemption’ feature. By using this feature, players can unlock exclusive items like cool cosmetics. Also, there are many codes that you can redeem to get Player and Crew logos and banners. But recently, players are getting the ‘Redemption Error’ message while entering redeem codes. The main reason for this error to occur is either you have entered a code incorrectly or there may be some issues from the developer side. Here we will check out what to do if you get such a ‘Redemption Error’ message.

How to Fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ Message

Here are some of the instructions you need to follow to get rid of this ‘Redemption Error’ message.

1. First of all, when you get this error, check carefully that you have entered all 20 characters correctly. If you have entered it correctly, and still you are getting the same error, then the redeem code may already have used or it may have expired.

2. It is also possible that this issue is directly from the developer’s side. To ensure, visit @knockoutcity on Twitter and check their latest status updates. If this issue is widespread, then you need to wait for some time and try to enter redeem code again.

You will get Knockout City codes via social media platforms or from several well-known content creators. By using these keys, players can use exclusive cosmetics items for free. This is a time investing task to search out redeem codes from social media and creators and so it is of course frustrating when the ‘Redemption Error’ message pops up.

Luckily, there are a few solutions we have as mentioned above to fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ message.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ Message. 

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