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Fix Knockout City Bank Not Working Bug

Fix Knockout City Bank Not Working Bug

Knockout City is one of the most recent team-based multiplayer games which is released for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox. This game is quite similar to Dodgeball as players knockout opponents using a ball. Since this game is new, many players are facing some problems with it.

Players are facing a problem where the Bank tab is not working under the Brawl Shop. However, the same issue has already been confirmed by the developer as well. If you are also facing the same issue because of this bug, here we have the best solution.

How to Fix Knockout City Bank not working Bug

Knockout City game features an in-game Brawl Shop which is also called Bank where players can buy cool cosmetics items. However, many players are not able to access the Bank tab, and also, they are not able to browse all available items.

To fix Knockout City Bank not working Bug issue, so far, the only best and possible solution is to access the system storefront directly. This means users from all affected platforms can still take the Knockout City Bank items through alternative means. 

If you are still not able to see Bank, do not worry! The developer team is already working on it and hopefully, they will release a new update in the coming days or weeks. 

Apart from this issue, Knockout City Bank is also unapproachable for some players on Nintendo Switch and PS4 platforms. It seems there is no confirmation on whether the same bug can affect the PC and PS5 versions of the game or not.

We only need to wait for some days and the developer will be releasing updates and all these problems will be resolved.

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