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Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a very popular OTT service provider in Australia. It is owned by Streamotion and was launched in November 2018 by Foxtel. This OTT platform provides subscribers with access to an extensive range of live and on-demand sporting events including football, cricket, basketball, rugby, soccer, and more. However, like any other sports streaming platform, Kayo Sports is also not immune to various bugs and errors. One of the common errors in Kayo is 2999. Due to this error, users are unable to enjoy their favorite content on this OTT platform. Well, if you are also encountering the same error, here is what you need to do. Let’s find out how to fix the Kayo error code 2999.

How to Fix Kayo Error Code 2999

Like many other users, if you are also receiving Kayo error code 2999, then you should know that this error usually occurs when there are some issues with your device or browser. However, this error code can also be triggered if you are using a VPN service. This guide has covered all potential solutions to get rid of this error. 

Clear Cache on Your Device

The very first solution to fix Kayo error code 2999 is to clear cache files or data on your device. However, the methods vary on different devices. Click here to know how to do it.

Check the Compatibility of your Device or Browser

Not all devices and browsers are compatible to run Kayo sports so make sure your device or browser is compatible. Click here to know the list of all devices and browsers you can use to watch the content of Kayo.

Disable VPN Service

Are you using a VPN service on your device? If yes, then it is also one of the reasons why you are encountering Kayo error code 2999. In that case, you need to disable your VPN service and then try using Kayo.

Besides, also go through the below troubleshooting steps to resolve most technical issues with Kayo.

1. Reboot your device once

2. Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable to run Kayo content on your device

3. If that doesn’t work too, your last resort is to uninstall Kayo completely from your device and reinstall it

That’s everything you can try to fix Kayo error code 2999.

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