Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing on iPhone

Shubhang Tripathi
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Twitter posts from a number of iPhone users expressing frustration that Instagram “won’t open” or “keeps crashing” suggest that this is a common problem for those who use the app. Some users have reported that the problem is only happening on Apple devices, while others have said that the software is functioning fine on their Android phones. Being one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram has had to deal with a variety of problems from time to time. A solution was found to the temporary problems, though.

What seems to be the Issue?

A number of iPhone users visited Twitter on Tuesday, October 4 to see if the Instagram problem was unique to iOS or if it was affecting other mobile platforms as well. Users began a trend on Twitter for “Instagram down” to bring attention to the problem, but the app still hasn’t fixed it. Apparently, most tweets are from those who are still able to use the app on Android devices, leaving iPhone users very dissatisfied.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing on iPhones?

iPhone users who are having trouble with Instagram not opening or crashing could benefit from a few fixes. The problem is that there is no silver bullet or universal solution; some people may find these less effective than others. You can try the following techniques to try and fix Instagram keeps crashing on your iPhone:

Reinstalling Instagram: Applications can become corrupted for many reasons, and in these cases, a clean installation is required. While rare, this does occur on iOS occasionally.

Check if you have the latest iOS version on the iPhone: This is a hard step since it could be the root of the problem or the solution to it. In any case, updating to the most recent version of iOS could solve your issue if your phone isn’t already running it.

Check if the app is up to date: It may take a bit for iOS apps to receive updates. Check the App Store to make sure you’re using the most recent version by trying to update it.

Wait for a Patch Update: There is probably little you can do to change the situation if the aforementioned fixes did not work for you. Judging from the sheer number of people who have reported the problem, it can be said that this issue is affecting a lot of iPhone users. That means it won’t be long till the team at Instagram rolls out a fix.
It is important that we tell you that these are temporary, community-sourced fixes and do not guarantee Instagram work for you. That was it for this guide on fixing Instagram keeps crashing on iPhone. To check out more content related to Apple, click here. Thank you for reading this article.

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