Immortals Fenyx Rising

Fix Immortals Fenyx Rising Controller Not Working | Controller Issues

Fix Immortals Fenyx Rising Controller Issues - Controller Not Working

Immortals Fenyx Rising is the latest AAA title from Ubisoft that was earlier titles Gods and Monsters. So, far with over 30 hours in the game, we are pleasantly surprised with the gameplay and mechanics. However, as we browse forums, we found a lot of players with issues using the controller to play the game. If you are facing a similar issue, we have just the solution that can resolve all controller issues with Immortals Fenyx Rising. So, stick around and fix the Immortals Fenyx Rising controller not working problem.

Fix Immortals Fenyx Rising Controller Issues | Controller Not Working

Before you proceed to the solution, we suggest that you check your controller for damage and ensure that it’s working. Try to play other games with the controller. If the controller is fine, restart the system, unplug and re-plug the controller. If you are still facing Immortals Fenyx Rising controller not working, launch the game via Steam.

We know the game hasn’t released on Steam, but the Steam client has a feature that allows you to add and play non-steam games. Almost all controller work the best on Steam, so try to play Immortals Fenyx Rising on Steam. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Create a shortcut of Immortals Fenyx Rising on your desktop.
  2. Launch the Steam client.
  3. Click on Games on the top-left corner.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library.
  5. Locate the game executable, add, and play. Check if the game works on Steam. If it does not follow the rest of the steps.
  6. Locate the UBI Connect Launcher in the list of program on the new window, check the box before UBI Connect and click ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS
  7. Right-click on the desktop shortcut of Immortals Fenyx Rising we created earlier and select Properties
  8. Go to the Web Document tab and copy the URL
  9. Open Steam and go to Library, locate UBI Connect, right-click and select Properties
  11. Paste the URL we copied earlier
  12. Click Ok to implement the instruction
  13. Still in Properties, erase the UBI Connect and name it Immortals Fenyx Rising
  14. Click Close

After the above process, the Immortals Fenyx Rising not detecting controller issue should be resolved. If the issue still occurs, go to the Steam Library, locate Immortals Fenyx Rising and under “Steam Input per-game Setting” select “Forced Off” and press Ok.

If the issue still persists, it may be because the correct controller is not set on Steam. You can follow the below process to set the controller on Steam.

  1. Launch Steam from the desktop shortcut
  2. Click Steam on the top-left corner and select Settings
  3. From the Setting menu, go to Controller
  4. Click on General Controller Settings
  5. Depending on the type of controller you wish to use, you can check PlayStation Configuration Support, Xbox Configuration Support, or the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.
  6. Press Ok to save changes, exit from the Window. This should resolve any PS4 controller or other controller issue with Immortals Fenyx Rising.

That’s all we have in this guide, let us know if you have a better solution or if there was a problem finding the web address in the solution 2.


  1. Right clicking in the desktop shortcut… and I see no “web document” tab at all. I see security, details, previous versions, general, shortcut, and compatability. There is no such tab. What URL am I copying exactly? Just the shortcut URL?

    1. Try to add directly to Steam as a non-steam game.

  2. Using all the steps you mentioned worked for me using an XBOX controller!

    Thanks so much!

  3. I have a stadia controller and I had to add the executable directly into steam instead of the ubisoft connect shortcut to get this to work.

    1. Yep. That can work too. Sorry for missing it out in the post. Thanks anyways, the post is updated now.

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