Fix Ibotta ‘Something went wrong. Please try again’ – App Not Working

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Ibotta is one of the popular free apps that offer customers real cash back on every purchase, in-store or online on things like groceries or other essentials. Also, Ibotta offers discounts in the range of 2% to 5% for shopping online from their partner stores. However, recently, users are complaining that the Ibotta app is not working at all, and an error message comes up that says – ‘Something went wrong. Please try again. Many users can’t figure out how to solve this problem and so we have gathered some of the possible solutions below. Let’s learn how to fix Ibotta ‘Something went wrong. please try again’ – App Not Working.

How to fix Ibotta ‘Something went wrong. please try again’ – App Not Working

Here are the several solutions you can try to fix ‘Something went wrong. please try again’ – App Not Working issue. 

Fix Ibotta 'Something went wrong. please try again' - App Not Working

Delete and reinstall the app

This is one of the best, easy, and quick solutions. Simply uninstall the app, reinstall it and log in again using your Google or Facebook ID. And the problem will be fixed.

Clear the cache/history

The second thing you can do is to clear the cache and history of your mobile and then try to open Ibotta app again. Make sure to close all other background open apps while doing this method. 

Try to toggle between Mobile Data and Wi-Fi

Sometimes this error comes up due to a poor internet connection. So, try to switch your internet connection between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. Not all stores have Wi-Fi but some of them have. Connect to their Wi-Fi and check if it is fixed.

In case the issue is not resolved by any of these steps, then wait for 2 to 3 hours as it may be a larger issue and will be fixed by the Ibotta itself soon.

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