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Fix ‘I Am Fish’ Xbox Press Any Buttons Error

Fix I am Fish Xbox Press Any Buttons Error

I Am Fish is the latest game and sequel to ‘I Am Bread’ developed by Bossa Studios. You need to play this game as a brave fish on a terrifying yet interesting adventure to reach the ocean in this physics-based and colorful puzzle game. However, some unfortunate players are not able to enjoy this game because of a bug that occurs on Xbox and particularly with Xbox controllers. On its title screen, players are asked to press any button but nothing happens further and players get stuck on the title screen itself. This is surely frustrating but luckily, there is a temporary solution. Let’s find in the below guide, how to fix the ‘I Am Fish’ Xbox Press Any Buttons Error.

How to Fix ‘I am Fish’ Xbox Press Any Buttons Error

So far, the only solution we find is to just restart your console and the issue will be resolved. However, some players experienced that it doesn’t solve on the first try, so in that case, you will need to do it several times and this frustrating bug will be bypassed. Here are some easy steps to follow:

Press ‘Home’ button >> then go to the ‘Profile & System >> Settings >> General >> Power mode and Startup >> Full shutdown. And once you power back, it will start working fine.

Luckily, the developer of this game, Bossa Studios has already acknowledged this annoying bug and they are already working on it (below is their official statement). Meanwhile, do the above method to fix the ‘I am Fish’ issue so that you can get back Swimming.


That’s all you need to know is how to fix the ‘I am Fish’ Xbox Press Any Button Error.

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