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Fix Hyper Scape Violet-52 Error

Ever since the official release of the Season 1 of Hyper Scape, growing numbers of players are encountering the Violet error codes. While, some error like the Hyper Scape Violet-52 error and Violet-68 are related to account problems like suspension or suspicion of suspicious activity, other errors can be due to connectivity problems such as Violet-146 error. However, at this point, we are not sure if the Violet-52 error is specific to account problems as some users have also received the ‘can’t connect to the server’ message with the error.

So, it can be either of the two things. Fortunately, we have some fix you can try to resolve the error. The fix are not universal so it may not apply to all players, but it’s worth a shot.

Hyper Scape | How to Fix Violet-52 and Violet-146 Error

If you have encountered the Hyper Scape Violet-52 error, it could be due to one of the below causes:

  • Account locked due to suspicious activity
  • Account closure process initiated by the user
  • Confirmed cheating or other fraudulent activity
  • Issue to Uplay account connected to Console Account

The developers have suggested a fix for the problem. Change the password for your account and that should resolve the error. One user on the Ubisoft forum reported that someone from other regions accessed their account and when he launched the game it led to the Violet-52 error. Check the logs of the account and if someone from another region has accessed it, the problem can be resolved by changing the account password.

You can follow this link Change Ubisoft Account Password to reset the password. Once you are on the page, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions of the website to reset the password.

Some other solutions that have worked for users is to create a new account, if that’s something you want to consider. It comes with a huge caveat – you will lose all account progress from the previous account. Also, if you are on console, ensure that the correct Uplay account is linked to the console.

If the Uplay account is not linked to your console, you can choose to do it through the game or by visiting the Ubisoft website. To set it from the Ubisoft website, follow the below steps:

  1. Follow the link to Ubisoft Club
  2. Click on Login on the top-right corner
  3. Click on the Logo of the device – Xbox or PlayStation
  4. From the new window, Sign-in into your console account 
  5. Next, Login to your Ubisoft account or choose to create a new one.

These fixes should help you resolve the Hyper Scape Violet-52 and Violet-68 errors. If you have encountered the Hyper Scape Violet-146 error, it can be possibly due to a matchmaking issue when your teammates are from another country or there is a connectivity issue.

It can possibly be a connection issue and Ubisoft recommends that you try these fixes on the link. Some users were able to fix the error by simply waiting and the error resolved on its own.

That’s all we have in this post, if you have a better solution share them in comments. We will update the post as the game matures and we know more about these Violet error codes. Until then, check out or tips and tricks on the game and other error guides.  

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