Fix Honkai Star Rail Controller Not Working on PC & Mobile

Mycle Ahir
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Honkai Star Rail is a new mobile game that has gained popularity among mobile gamers for its fast-paced action and captivating storyline. However, many players have reported issues with the game’s controller support, particularly on PC and mobile devices. In this article, we will discuss the Honkai Star Rail Controller Not Working issue and possible solutions.

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First and foremost, it is important to note that Honkai Star Rail does not have official controller support at launch. The game is primarily designed for touchscreen gameplay, with mouse and keyboard as secondary options.

Despite the lack of official support, some players have found success in playing Honkai Star Rail with a controller. However, many players have reported issues with the game not recognizing their controller inputs, rendering the controller useless.

How to Fix Fix Honkai Star Rail Controller Not Working on PC & Mobile

Unfortunately, there are no known solutions that can reliably fix the Honkai Star Rail Controller Not Working issue. However, there are a few things you can try that may help.

Use a third-party Controller Mapping Software

One solution is to use a third-party controller mapping software, such as JoyToKey or Xpadder. These programs allow you to map your controller inputs to keyboard or mouse inputs, which the game should recognize. While this may not be an ideal solution, it could help players who are having trouble with their controllers.

Try a different controller

Another solution is to try a different controller. While it may seem obvious, some controllers are simply not compatible with certain games. If you have access to another controller, try using it to see if it works with Honkai Star Rail.

Check for Updates

Additionally, it may be worth checking for any available game updates or controller firmware updates. Sometimes, game updates can fix compatibility issues with controllers, while firmware updates can improve the performance of your controller.

Mobile Device Doesn’t support Controller

Lastly, if you are playing Honkai Star Rail on mobile, it is worth noting that the game does not support controller inputs for iOS or Android devices at launch. While this may change in the future, for now, players will need to use touchscreen controls.

Hopefully, the developers will address this issue in a future update, providing players with an official controller support option.

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