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Fix Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ Error

Fix Hitman 3 'Unable to load requested menu' Error

Hitman 3 is an amazing single-player stealth experience, but require a constant online connection to the hitman servers for the game to track progress and unlock feat, which is what seems to be causing problems for a lot of users. Select few players are reporting encountering the Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ error. As the error is not as widespread as some others, it’s safe to assume the cause of the error could be profile corruption or a problem with the internet on the client end. When the error occurs, users find the game in a retry loop. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can help you resolve the error. Keep scrolling to know more.

Fix Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ Error

One of the primary reasons, you will find yourself in the retry loop and seeing the Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ error is a volatile or unreliable internet. If the internet speed drops below a certain limit while connected to the server or goes off completely even for a fraction of a second, you will find the game in the retry loop.

Fix Hitman 3 'Unable to load requested menu'

The quickest fix to Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ error is to restart the game and ensure that the internet does not fail while you are playing the game.

Besides the above situation, there are also reports that the error occurs when players try to complete a mission, and instead of unlocking rewards and experience, they are met with the error code. The worst part of the error is retrying, loading previous save, or trying to complete the mission again, nothing seems to work. There is no returning once you have encountered the error.

Whatever the situation, the only fix that seems to work is to reboot the game and start all over again. If you are on console, particularly PS5, and rebooting the game does not fix the ‘Unable to load requested menu’ error. You can try the below fix.

There’s a possible workaround but it will potentially delete your H3 save games and resets all settings to default. On the PS5 menu, go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data and then delete the H3. This won’t affect any of your progression, only the ‘local’ files. This is a fix suggested by IO Interactive for a different issue but should work in this case.

To avoid the error in the future, ensure that you have a stable internet connection while playing the game. There are a bunch of errors that can be caused due to internet connection like the connection failed profile fetch.

The error is also reported by a specific set of users who did not open an IO Interactive account to play the game. If that’s the case, the simple solution is to create an account and ensure that your internet connection remains stable while you are playing the game. Use this link to create IO Interactive account and sync that with the game.

Even though you are unable to get all the rewards at the moment, players who restarted the game and completed the mission report that all the achievements and rewards from previous plays were awarded to them.

So, you can fix the Hitman 3 ‘Unable to load requested menu’ error by rebooting the game, deleting the game’s save on PS5, connecting your IO Interactive account if you haven’t, and ensuring that you have a persistent internet connection.     

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