Fix Hitman 3 Download Stuck or Slow Download Issue

Epic Games Store has been pushing hard to give competition to the industry giant Steam with several AAA titles over the past months releasing on its store. But, the fact remains, Epic Games Store requires a lot of work to become a more preferred launcher than its biggest rival. One of the most prominent issues faced by the launch or the Epic server is to serve users seamlessly during peak hours after the release of a title such as Hitman 3. The game recently launched exclusively on Epic Store and it’s causing a range of issues like problem downloading Hitman 3. Users are reporting the Hitman 3 download stuck or slow download issues.

If your download remains at 0.00B/s while downloading Hitman 3, there are a few reasons that can attribute to this. The first being a server overload. Go to websites like Downdetector to check for issues with the Epic Games Store servers. As the problem is not widespread, the issue can also be with your home network. A problem with the launcher not having sufficient rights on the client or an issue with the Engine.ini file. Keep scrolling and we will help you resolve the Hitman 3 download problem.

How to Fix Hitman 3 Download Stuck or Slow Download Issue

There are two types of Hitman 3 download problems users are facing. For some users, the download is stuck, while others are able to download the game, but the speed to excruciatingly slow. Here are the solutions you can try for both issues.

Check the Sever Status

With new games released simultaneously globally like in the case of Hitman 3, hundreds of thousands of players would be attempting to download the game. It can slow the process and cause issues. As such, for a smooth download experience we suggest you attempt to download the game at a later time, maybe a few hours later from the time of release.

Pause the Download and Restart Epic Games Store

A glitch with the server can cause the Hitman 3 download stuck issue, in most cases a simple reboot of the client and the OS can resolve the issue. If you are facing issue downloading the game, simple pause and reboot. If that does not work and you are still in the initial stage of download with only a few GBs completed, stop the download and reattempt. For most users, this is the solution that would work. But, if that fails, move to the next solution.

Provide Administrator Privilege

If Hitman 3 download is going at 0.00B/s, the issue may be caused as the launcher stops downloading and starts to unpack and install the already downloaded files. The process can go on for quite some time. Although this may appear as a problem, it is not and you should not worry, the game will install the required file and you should be good to go.

However, if the Hitman 3 download is stuck even after a substantial amount of time, say an hour, then, the first solution you can try is to provide admin privilege or Run the Epic Games Launcher as an administrator.

The process is simple – right-click on the desktop shortcut of Epic Games Launcher > select Properties > go to the Compatibility tab > check Run this program as an administrator.

Change Engine.ini File

Here are the steps you can follow to modify the Engine.ini file. The solution can potentially fix Hitman 3 download stuck or slow download issue. However, be careful as you follow the steps.

  • Open Task Manager and ensure that the Epic Games Launcher is completely closed.
  • Go to C:\Users\your PC name\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved\Config\Windows\
  • Locate the Engine.ini file and use Notepad to open it.
  • Now copy the below files and paste them into the Engine.ini file
[HTTP] HttpTimeout=10
Difficulty copying the code? Let us know in comments and we will share link to Google Doc
  • Save the File
  • To prevent the launcher from overwriting the file, right-click the Engine.ini file > Properties > check Read Only > Save.
  • Finally, reboot the computer and start downloading.

Note: follow the steps exactly as instructed. This should fix the Hitman 3 stuck at downloading issue.

Check for Internet Connection Issues

If none of the above solutions have worked, it’s worth a shot to ensure that your internet speed is not the problem.

If the game does not download even after a few days from launch, your best shot would be to wait for the servers to stabilize. If you have a more effective solution, you can share them in the comments.


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