Fix Hellpoint Stuck at the Main Menu

Hellpoint is an action RPG game that was released last year on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Mostly this game has a positive rating on Steam but players are having some technical issues and so the game is stuck on the main menu. This game stuck especially when you try to update its build. The developer team of this game, Cradle Games, is already aware of this issue and they are already working on the same. Meanwhile, you can check out the following solution to get rid of this issue.

How to Fix Hellpoint Stuck at the Main Menu

In order to fix Hellpoint stuck at the main menu, go through the following the best and easy solution to resolve this issue.

This is one of the best and easy solutions which is shared on Steam Community which you can try.

1. Go to C:\Users\ [user] \AppData\LocalLow\Cradle Games\Hellpoint

2. Here you only need to replace [user] with your User name. It is important to note that, if the ‘AppData’ folder is hidden then first you need to display hidden folders in the folder options.

3. Next, go to that location and remove the whole data within it, and then launch the game again and you will be able to start the game without any issues.

In case your ‘AppData’ folder is not visible, go through the following instructions.

Make the ‘AppData’ folder visible

1. Open up any new or existing folder on your computer.

2. Then click on the ‘View’ option which you will see at the top side of your computer screen.

3. There you will see a ‘Hidden Items’ with a small box.

4. Just check that box and you’re good to go!

That’s everything for this guide on how to Fix Hellpoint Stuck at the Main Menu.

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