Fix Hellbound Mouse Click Not Working Due to Input Delay

The similarity between Hellbound and Doom is uncanny. The game recently released on Steam, but players who jumped to play the game are reporting Hellbound mouse click not working due to input delay. In such a fast faced FPS, even the delay of a fraction of a second can mean game lost. There are a number of problems related to the mouse click such as the mouse not responding at all or input delay. Stay with us and we will help you resolve the error.

Hellbound | How to Fix Mouse Click Not Working Due to Input Delay

The most likely cause of their error is when you have tried to force the game to run on a fixed FPS and enabled Vertical Sync. It can cause delays between the click and the action on the screen. Hellbound provides you the option to cap the FPS with vertical sync. This is supposed to provide a more stable FPS and gaming experience, but in this case causes the Hellbound Mouse Click Not Working or responding.

Since, we have identified the cause of the problem, the fix becomes simple and straight forward. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. Launch Hellbound and go to Options
  2. From the Options menu, go to Video. You will be able to see and adjust all the graphics settings for the game through the Video settings
  3. Locate FPS CAP, it’s right below RESOLUTION SCALE and above VERTICAL SYNC
  4. The game provides you to set the max FPS at 144. You can do it by dragging the scale to the right. You can experiment with the FPS that works best for you.
  5. Go to the VERTICAL SYNC option and toggle it OFF

Now, the Vertical Sync is disabled and it should not interfere with the forced FPS. Thereby, resolving the Hellbound mouse click not working problem.

If you have a more effective fix for the problem, you can share them in the comments. Hope your error is fixed and you can enjoy the blood and gore or Hellbound.   

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