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Fix Hell Let Loose Voice Chat Not Working

Fix Hell Let Loose Voice Chat Not Working

Although players of Hell Let Loose rely on keyboards for several things, nothing can be compared to the convenience of Voice Chat while playing the game. In addition, this feature makes the online gaming experience more fun, realistic, and enjoyable. However, players are not able to enjoy this game seamlessly as there are some issues in the Voice Chat function in Hell Let Loose. Players are reporting on Reddit and other forums that suddenly the Voice Chat function stopped working. 

Fix Hell Let Loose Voice Chat Not Working

Players are experiencing that their hearing and speaking functions are not working in Hell Let Loose. They also tried all possible workarounds to fix this issue, but they failed. Let’s learn here in the following how to solve this annoying issue.

Before going through the following solutions, one important point to note. If you are using a Bluetooth headset for Voice Chat, make sure that it is compatible with the Hell Let Loose game. On the other hand, if you’re using Headphones, make sure to select ‘Chat audio to headphones’ from the settings. If your equipment is compatible and still the Voice Chat function is not working in Hell Let Loose, go through some of the possible solutions below.

Check These Settings

Open your Options menu and then go to the Audio section in the sub-menu and make sure you have set all the options correctly:

– ‘Voice’ must be ON

– Keep the Voice volume setting UP

– Also, make sure to set the volume of your Microphone high so that other players can hear your voice clearly

– In case the ‘Disable Game Chat Audio’ is active, you can switch it off and see if it makes any difference.

Check Your Communication Equipment

In case, there are some faults or damages in your communication equipment, you may get this issue. So, try to connect it to any other different game and check whether or not it is working fine. 

Use Any Other Microphone

Try to use any other Microphone on your console or PC and check if the issue is resolved. Also, try to connect your microphone to another Jack or USB port.

Test Your Connected Microphone

Make sure that your equipment is well connected to your Console or PC. In case, if you have selected a different input device, you may get this issue. To check it automatically, go to Windows Settings > Click on Sound >> then Click on Troubleshoot.

Update the Drivers of Your Microphone

Try to update headphone or microphone drivers on your PC system. For this:

1. Press the Win+X keys and open up the Quick Link Menu.

2. Click on Device Manager >> Double-click on Audio Inputs and Outputs and expand the list.

3. Next, Right-click on the specific input device to which you are connected.

4. Select Update Drivers and then click on Search Automatically for drivers

5. Thus, the system will get updated and installed automatically

6. Once done, restart your computer and check if the Voice Chat feature is working fine

That’s all you can do to Fix Hell Let Loose Voice Chat Not Working.

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