Fix HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku Devices

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

HBO Max streaming became available on Roku devices in December 2020 and many users are enjoying the great content on this channel. However, recently users are experiencing that the HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku devices and so they are not able to enjoy movies and TV shows. Many users are reporting on Reddit and other forums that the HBO Max keeps crashing and freezing after watching hardly 1 or 2 minutes and brings back to the home screen of Roku. Are you having the same issue? Then, let’s know how to fix HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku Devices.

How to Fix HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku Devices

Many users have tried several things and shared their workarounds on forums. Here we have gathered all the possible solutions below.

– Try to log out HBO from all the devices, then uninstall the HBO Max app from your Roku and then reinstall it again. Most probably, the issue will be resolved.

– One of the users solved the issue by updating HBO Max as well as Roku’s software.

– Do not run the HBO Max content directly from the app. Instead, search the HBO content by using Roku Search and play the shows or movies from the results. The app will ask you once who is watching and you will be able to enjoy the content without crashing and freezing issues.

– If the content is crashing after watching the preview, then you can watch the show or movie on some other device for some time and then resume the same content from your Roku device. 

– Before you start browsing the HBO Max app, wait for some time and let the home screen page load fully. Once loaded, try to run the HBO Max and it will work smoothly.

That’s all you can do to Fix HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku Devices.

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