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Fix Halo Infinite Matchmaking Not Working Bug

Fix Halo Infinite Matchmaking Not Working

Halo Infinite Multiplayer, targeted to be the competition for BF and COD has finally released on beta after a brief Alpha last month. The game has a range of problems as you would expect with a bate, but the crashing problem with the game is pretty serious. It has a wide range of causes that we have addressed in our other guide. Another issue although minor, but concerning is the Halo Infinite matchmaking not working. As online and multiplayer games have become a trend over the past few years, matchmaking has always been a problem with crossplay now a mandatory feature. Let’s have a look at the current matchmaking issues in Halo Infinite Multiplayer and what you can do about it.

Halo Infinite Matchmaking Not Working Bug Fix

There are two main issues with the game’s matchmaking – one affects players with the Xbox Live account and the other is more general affecting potentially everyone.

The issue with Xbox Live account holders is that when a Splitscreen Fireteam member signs out of their account, the next time they sign in they are unable to rejoin the Fireteam in multiplayer matchmaking lobby or Custom Games. If you have encountered this problem, the fix is simple to restart the game.

Another issue with matchmaking is that players find themselves stuck on “other players loading” message. The bug freezes the matchmaking. The fix is again the same. If you feel the matchmaking is stuck, restart the game.  

If the crossplay is disabled, it can also be a reason for long matchmaking times. Ensure that you have enabled crossplay. While crossplay is supposed to encourage better matchmaking it can also cause problems at times. So, if there is an issue with the matchmaking, disable the crossplay and check if that fixes the problem.

The current matchmaking problems with the game is not severe and a simple restart of the game should fix your problem. Besides restarting the game some other solutions you can try are:

  1. Ensure the internet connection is not the problem.
  2. Make sure that the server are not experiencing downtime or is under maintenance.
  3. Try playing the game during peak hours.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check out where to find and use grappling hook in Halo Infinite.

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