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Fix Halo Infinite High or 100% CPU Usage

Fix Halo Infinite High or 100% CPU Usage

Halo Infinite multiplayer is well into the second week since launch and it’s shaping to be the best multiplayer of the year. But, the game is not free of errors and bugs. The crashing problem continues with the game with no definite solution from the devs. On the flip side, the servers have been very stable for the most part, which is unexpected with AAA titles such as these. An issue that has transferred from the Alpha is the Halo Infinite high or 100% CPU usage. If you have encountered the same situation where the CPU runs at 100% or above the acceptable mark all the time, there are a few very simple fixes. Keep reading.

Halo Infinite High or 100% CPU Usage Fix

The CPU running at 100% all the time is serious as it puts your processor at the risk of burning out. There are a number of reasons the CPU may be running at 100%. One of them is if you have set the power option for max performance. Other things include resource-hogging software and a variable FPS. Here are all the solutions we suggest the fix the high CPU usage in Halo Infinite.

  1. Go to the game’s settings and cap the FPS. You can set any value depending on your monitor’s native support, but keep it at unlocked. Keeping the FPS at unlocked causes the game to use 100% CPU. Some users may be able to stop the high CPU usage at 60 or 120 (again depending on your monitor’s Hz support.)
  2. Enable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling. Go to Windows Key + I > System > Display > Graphics > click on Change default graphic settings > turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling.
  3. Ensure that your Processor Power management’s min power state is below 15. We have it set to 5%, but you can have it to higher, but it should not be above 50%. Having it up too high will make the CPU work at max at all times and that can cause overheating. You will have this problem if you have set the power option for max performance, balanced on the other hand auto-sets the value to acceptable limit. Here is how to alter the settings.
  4. In the Windows Search, type Edit Power Plan
  5. Click on Change advanced power settings
  6. Expand Processor power management
  7. Expand Minimum processor state
  8. Change the settings to somewhere in the range of 20%
  9. Another major cause for the Halo Infinite 100% CPU usage may be overclocking. OC is supposed to provide you the necessary boost to run demanding applications, but they come at the cost of exhausting the CPU making them unstable. If you are overclocking that may be the cause of the high CPU temp or 100% CPU usage.

These are the best solutions for the high CPU usage in-game. For most of the users, the first solution should suffice to fix the issue. If not try the other solutions as well.

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