Fix Halo Infinite Connection Lost- Disconnected from Local Network

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta version is now live and players are diving into it to enjoy the experience of the multiplayer mode of the game. Though the game received a lot of positive comments and praises from the critics and players, it is not free of bugs and errors. From the very beginning, Halo Infinite is showing bugs and errors. After the server issues and matchmaking bugs, now the game is showing another connection error.

Players complain that sometimes when they try to log in, a notification comes “Connection lost: You have been disconnected from the local network. Returning you to the Main Menu.”  It is frustrating to get an error like this especially in a game like Halo Infinite.

In this article, we’ll try to give you some possible fixes to this connection lost error.

Halo Infinite Connection Lost- Disconnected From Local Network- How to Fix

This connection lost error is ruining the gameplay experience of the players. Here we’re trying to give you some possible solutions to this issue. Follow the below steps to solve this error-

  1. Restart the Game
    • Because the reason for this error is not known maybe it’ll be solved if you restart your game once.
  2. Restart the PC/Console
    • If restarting the game won’t work, try restarting your PC or your gaming console. Restarting the PC or the Console might solve your problem.
  3. Check Internet Connection
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you are using a data connection, switch to a Wi-Fi connection. And if you are already using Wi-Fi, try to switch to another Wi-Fi if available.
  4. Pause background apps and downloads
  5. Don’t use VPN
  6. Check the Server

If any of these methods won’t work for you, visit 343’s official website or Twitter page to see if there is an ongoing issue with the server. If it’s a server issue, it can’t be solved on your end. You have to wait for the developers to solve the problem.

These are the probable fixes to this connection lost issue. If it’s an issue on your side, one of these above methods will definitely solve it. But if it’s a server down issue, you have to wait for 343 to solve it.

If you are also facing the same issue while playing the game, check out our guide to get the possible solutions.

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