Fix Hades File Sync Error – ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’

Fix Hades File Sync Error

Hades is quickly climbing up in Steam as the most sold game. It was never a better time to play the game as its just come out of early access and incudes new features and weapon upgrades. However, a lot of players who jumped to play the game are reporting a range of errors from crash at startup to the most recent hades Steam file sync error. If you are facing a similar problem, you have come to the right place, we have a range of solutions you can try to address the issue. Scroll down for more.

Fix Hades File Sync Error – ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’

Fix 1: Check the Steam Servers

When you encounter the Hades Steam was unable to sync your files, the first thing you must do is check if the servers are down. There are quite a number of ways you can check the status of the Steam servers in your region. A simple Google search will present you with the options. If the Steam servers are working normally, then the problem is local and the rest of the solutions should help you resolve the Hades Steam file sync error.

Here is the link to check the Steam server status.

Fix 2: Delete the File ClientRegistry.blob

The file ClientRegistry.blob stores the registration data for your account. If you delete this file, Steam will restore it with a new one. Often, a corruption of this file can lead to the Hades file sync error. Before you proceed, keep your username and password for the Steam handy as you will need to re-enter them. Close the Steam client and ensure all tasks are suspended from the Task Manager and go to C > Program Files (x86) > Steam and locate ClientRegistry.blob. Delete the file and launch Steam.

Try to run the game, if the game still fails to launch go to the game executable and try to launch it from there.

Fix 3: Delete the Userdata

Another area of concern when you face the Steam was unable to sync your files error is the userdata folder in the Steam directory. This is another place where your account information is stored and a corruption can cause the hades file sync error. Delete the userdata folder and Steam will recreate it. Go to Steam and delete the userdata folder. Relaunch Steam and try to launch the game.

Fix 4: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If none of the above solutions have worked, the problem might be with the game files. It might be corrupted or overwritten. Steam provides you the option to repair game files. For this, go to Steam and click on Library. From there, locate Hades and right-click, click on Properties and head to the Local Files tab. Find and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Wait for the process to complete and try to launch the game.  

That’s all we have in this guide hope your Hades File Sync Error – ‘Steam was unable to sync your files’ is resolved.

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