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Fix Gta 5 Auto Shop Not Letting Me Customize Cars

Fix GTA 5 Auto Shop Not Working

After a new update on 20th July, GTA 5 is triggered with one glitch in which players have experienced that the Auto Shop feature is not working. Auto Shop is a purchasable property in GTA 5 game which is recently added to the business properties list. However, Rock Star Games, the developer of this game is very quick to fix such issues but this time. But, whenever they solve one fix, another occurs. However, they have released an official solution which we are going to talk about. Anyways, if your Auto Shop is not working in GTA 5, let’s learn below how to fix Gta 5 auto shop not letting me customize cars.

Fix GTA 5 Auto Shop Not Working

Auto Shop Customization Not Working in GTA 5 – How to Fix?

Following is the pretty easy solution revealed by the Rockstar Games itself. Go through the step-by-step guide.

1. Open up the GTA 5 game

2. Head to the Auto Shop 

3. Enter your vehicle, and close it

4. Next, go to the Pause Menu

5. Now, head to Online > Jobs > Play Jobs > Rockstar Created and select any unpopular task from the list.

6. Once the task opens, exit from it as quickly as possible

7. Now, you will be taken back on your Auto Shop’s rooftop or maybe near to it.

8. Then, go back to your Auto Shop and search for the vehicle you want to transform

9. That’s done! Now you can easily transform your vehicle.

Many players found this solution very useful and working. You also can try it and still, if you are getting the same issue, do not hesitate to get in touch with Rockstar Games Support team about this bug.

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