Fix Ghostrunner Fullscreen Mode Missing | How to Run Ghostrunner in Fullscreen

Fix Ghostrunner Fullscreen Mode Missing

Ghostrunner is the new cyberpunk, intense action, solo game set in the post-apocalyptic world where people fight to survive. When we jumped to play the game, we found it strange not to find the fullscreen mode. Other screen modes such as windowed and borderless are present with a range of other graphics settings, but the fullscreen mode is missing. Quite a number of other players have been asking the same question we did initially – How to run Ghostrunner in fullscreen mode. Scroll down to know everything about the Ghostrunner fullscreen mode missing and what you can do about the issue.

Fix Ghostrunner Fullscreen Mode Missing

At the time of writing the post, it appears that the missing fullscreen in Ghostrunner is a bug with the game and the developers have confirmed it. Here is what the developers said,

“To all of the Runners here:

My team of humans is working on adding the fullscreen option in an upcoming fix.
There were some issues, and for now, the team has decided to remove the fullscreen option for the sake of a better experience

They’re very sorry for the inconvenience, and they will do their best to bring it back ASAP.”

The problem occurs on both AMD and Nvidia graphics card, we do not know how it’s working for Intel graphics card users, but we assume it might be missing for those users as well.

As you are forced to play in Windowed or Borderless, it also stretches to your screen resolution. Unfortunately, at the moment, you won’t be able to play the game in 4K and will find yourself stuck at 1080p. Here is how to set the game to fullscreen in Ghostrunner after the hotfix is released.

How to Run Ghostrunner in Fullscreen

For players on PC, you can set the game to fullscreen by going to the “Settings” Menu. From the main menu, click on any button and it will take you to the “Settings” of the game. If you are playing the game, you can go to “Settings” by clicking on “Esc” key and selecting “Settings”.

Once in the Settings, go to “Video” and change Windowed Mode to “Full Screen”.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to see the option, there isn’t anything you can do other than wait for the developers to resolve it on their end. As the game is still in the first day of release, problems like these are tolerable. Hopefully, the developers will get to the bottom of the issue within the next 24 hours and you should be able to play the game.

Fullscreen mode is important for a complete game experience unless you are a streamer or video maker and require to switch windows regularly. With this bug, the majority of the players won’t be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. But, that’s good news, it means the problem is widespread and a fix can be expected soon. The game has some exceptional graphics options, so the game will be awesome once the Ghostrunner fullscreen mode missing issue has been resolved.

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