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Fix Ghost Hunters Corp Stuck on Black Screen, Can’t Start Game, Not Loading

Fix Ghost Hunters Corp Can't Start Game, Not Loading, Black Screen, and Game Freeze

If you forgot Phasmophobia from last year already, Ghost Hunters Corp is here to remind you. This is the latest horror title on Steam and quite similar to the hit title from last year. Of course, the game is not entirely the same as Phasmophobia but there is an uncanny resemblance on how the game works. As the game is still in early access, currently, there are a range of issues with the game from Ghost Hunters Corp can’t start game, black screen, not loading, to game freeze. We will try to help you with all the issues mentioned in the title. So, stick with the post to fix Ghost Hunter Corp stuck on black screen.

Fix Ghost Hunters Corp Not Loading and Stuck on Black Screen | Game Freezes

There can be any number of possible reasons for the game not loading. One of them is that the game is not optimized well enough and it’s giving issues. While the issue will surely get patched in the coming days, there are certain things you can do to fix the Ghost Hunters Corp stuck on black screen.

If this is the first time you are booting up the game or you booted the game, but closed it soon after in a few minutes, then, you did not give the game enough time to initialize Shaders and other elements of the game. The game takes about 5 minutes to boot in the first run or even in the first few runs.

Fix Ghost Hunters Corp Can't Start Game, Not Loading, Black Screen, and Game Freeze

While the game is on the black screen it’s working on the background and you should be patient. The game will start after 5 minutes. We suggest that you wait 6 min and if it still does not work try the next solutions.

There is an ongoing issue with the microphone or the mic and the game. Some users were able to fix the issue by simply plugging in the headset and restart the system.

Some games require admin permission to work properly. If you have not provided the necessary permissions that may be the cause of the error. Hence, we admin permission to the game.

Another reason the game could be crashing for you is if you have set mic detection to High. High Mic detection requires more RAM and is suitable for high-end PC. However, if you don’t have sufficient RAM, the game will crash. Set mic detection to low when the game starts up.

That’s all we have at the moment to fix Ghost Hunters Corp stuck on black screen, can’t start game, not loading. We will update the post as we continue to track the issue. Meanwhile, if you have a better solution share them in the comments.   

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