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Fix Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist Error

Fix Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist Error

The best way to experience a game is with friends, but with Genshin Impact, you do not have access to multiplayer immediately as you launch the game. If you have encountered the Genshin Impact “UID does not exist” error and unable to join multiplayer, you have come to the right place. Genshin Impact is the new free-to-play action-based open world RPG adventure released by the Chinese developer miHoYo. Currently, the game has been downloaded over a million copies, so it’s natural for you to want to play the game with friends. Scroll down to more about the error and how you can access the multiplayer in Genshin Impact.

Fix Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist Error

Unlike most games you would have played, in Genshin Impact, you do not have access to multiplayer as soon as you start the game.

If you are seeing the Genshin Impact “UID does not exist” error, it means you are searching for a friend who has not unlocked multiplayer or the ID number you have entered is incorrect. In order to play the multiplayer of the game, both you and your friend must reach the Adventure Rank 16, which is when multiplayer unlocks. UID in the game means User ID. It’s a unique number series that’s assigned to each player.

Every player is assigned a unique UDI when they create the game account. If you have access to multiplayer i.e. you have reached the Adventure Rank 16 and your friend also has unlocked the multiplayer, you need to check the ID you have entered and ensure its correct. The likely cause of the error is you entering the wrong UID.

How to Unlock Multiplayer in Genshin Impact

Unlocking the multiplier of the game is no easy feat, you have to play the game solo for several hours until you reach Adventure Rank 16. However, since, the game is so awesome time flies. An important thing to note in the game is that the Adventure Level and the Character Level is different. The Adventure Level is tied to your account and remains the same irrespective of the character you choose in the game, whereas, the Character Level is tied to the individual characters.

After you have reached the level 16, you will have unlocked the multiplayer and can play with any other player who has also reached the level.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know now how to fix the Genshin Impact “UID does not exist” error.   

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    1. We both have the multiplayer function, we are in the same region, and we are sure the UID we typed are correct. It still says that our UIDs do not exist.

    2. okay but both myself, and my friend have unlocked multiplayer, but NEITHER of our UID’s are showing up as existing.

      1. same 🙁

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