Fix Genshin Impact Error 4026 & 4206

Genshin Impact is an open-world adventure role-playing free-to-play game which is developed and published by miHoYo. Although this game was awarded the ‘Best Game of the Year 2020’, recently players are getting several errors while playing. One of those is Error 4026 and 4206. You must be wondering what the reasons are for these errors occur. Error 4026 occurs due to ‘Connection problems to the network’ or some ‘Network Connection Issues”. Learn here how you can fix these Genshin Impact Error 4026 and 4206.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Error 4026 & 4206

If you are getting any of these errors, the following are some of the possible solutions to fix both of these errors. Go through these solutions one-by-one until you can fix Genshin Impact Error 4026 and 4206 errors.

1. Try to change the Firewall settings on the PC.

One of the first and best solutions is to change the Firewall settings on the PC. To do this, check out the following steps.

  • Launch the ‘Start’ menu and type ‘Firewall’ in the search bar.
  • Next click on ‘Firewall and Network Protection’
  • Select ‘Allow the app through firewall’
  • Then click on ‘Change Settings’ and select the option ‘Allow another app’
  • Search file name ‘Genshin Impactlauncer.ext’ on PC
  • Check both the Public and Private options next to it.

That’s it. By going through this solution, it will keep the game application from being blocked by your PC firewall and thus, your issues will be resolved.

2. Try to turn ON and OFF the community connection.

3. Try to restart the native router and then again launch the game.

4. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

5. Also, make sure that the game is updated with its latest version.

6. If you are playing this game on a VPN, try to disconnect it and connect again to a different server. It is because the game server in your location may have problems.

7. Another possible solution is to restart your device, restart your modem and/or router, and always connect the game using a wired connection before connecting using WiFi.

If nothing works, according to some Twitter users, try to switch your server region and launch the game again. Because you won’t be able to play smoothly if you are playing on a Japanese or European server from the USA.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Genshin Impact Error 4026 and 4206.

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