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Fix Genshin Impact Controller Not Working

Fix Genshin Impact Controller Not Working

Genshin Impact is probably the most ambitious project of the Chinese developer miHoYo. The game is available on a wide range of devices including PC. Given the nature of the game, which is action-based open world adventure, players are wondering and facing difficulty playing the game with a controller. Stick around and we will show you if you can play the game with a controller and fix the Genshin Impact controller not working problem.

Is There Genshin Impact Controller Support on PC

Unlike most of the recent games released this year, the support for controller on Genshin Impact is strange. You would be surprised that when you connect the controller it might not work at the main menu. Most new games support XInput, which makes it easy for game to recognize the controller; however, Genshin Impact has a bugged implementation of XInput or it employs other methods to recognize the controller.

Fix Genshin Impact Controller Not Working

A temporary solution is to use the mouse and keyboard on the main menu. When the game has incepted, you can enable the controller from the Options > Controls menu.

You should also know that the game does not extend support for controller remapping. You will have to play the game with one setting, which can be frustrating at times.

Another fix suggested on the Mihoyo website is worth a look. Here is the excerpt.

“Long story short: if PC has multiple devices connected as “Controller” – game might not work with “Control type” option set to “Controller”.

In my case I had both XBox Elite 2 and Razer Orbweaver connected and when I attempted to set “Controller” as input type in Settings – nothing worked. As soon as Razer device was plugged-out (and game re-started) – I was able to play with Xbox controller.

Although it’s possible to just unplug Orbweaver to play GI – I’d really prefer the update that was able to support multiple “Controllers” connected to PC and ability to work with the right one. Hope this topic would help someone who couldn’t play with their gamepad on PC.”

That’s all we have in this guide, hope your Genshin Impact controller not working problem is resolved.

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  1. I was able to get a generic gamepad by adding the game to steam, running steam in admin with big screen mode, and configuring the gampad from there. This tutorial worked for me

  2. same here, using ps5 controller

  3. hi! I have another probleme with the controller on genshin impact. The game detected the controller , and work(but not properly ) one the direction triger work normaly, and other not, it’s like the other button is set on others , did you know some solution?

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