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Fix Gears Tactics Error Code GT103

Gears Tactics Error Code GT103

Gears Tactics is a highly optimized game and errors are rare, but every once I  a while an error can arise such as the Gears Tactics error code GT103. If you have an outdated driver, operating system, below recommended hardware errors can occur. For Radeon users, the manufacturer has released a new driver update that supports the game and has a lot of hotfixes, so you should update the graphics card driver to the latest version. Nvidia users should do the same with Game Ready or Studio Drivers.

What is Gears Tactics Error Code GT103?

The error GT103 occurs when the system fails to detect the graphics card. It can occur due to a range of reasons from corrupted driver software, instability of the graphics card, or other reasons that’s preventing the game from using the graphics card. Users on Windows 7 also encounter the error as the game is developed for Windows 10. Under normal circumstances, a restart of the system can fix the GT103 error code. But, if that fails, you can try our other fixes.

Fix 1: Update the Driver Software

Both Nvidia and AMD releases new drivers every once in a while and often before the release of a big title, which Gears Tactics qualifies for. These updates can have a hotfix for a range of game errors. If you are still using the outdated or old driver, install the latest drivers either by directly downloading from the official website or the GeForce Experience for Nvidia users. Under most circumstance, the GT103 error will be fixed by updating the drivers. It’s recommended that you perform a manual install i.e. go to the manufacturer’s websites and download the latest copy and install. Once the install is complete, restart the PC to apply the changes and play the game. Don’t forget to uninstall the current driver before installing the new one.

Fix 2: Update the OS

Updating the Windows OS to the latest built has also fixed the problem for a lot of users. So, go to Windows Update and Security and check for updates, if available, update the OS and try playing the game. The error should not appear anymore.

Fix 3:  Switch to Windows 10

As the game is designed to run on Windows 10, even updating the drivers and OS may not fix the issue. Additionally, Windows has stopped providing updates for Windows 7, so there may not be an update to perform. It’s high-time you should consider shifting to Windows 10 as your old OS may be a problem for this game and others that follow.

Hope this has fixed you Gears Tactics error code GT103.

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